Hear Nebraska: Vol. 3 (limited-edition compilation vinyl)

Image of Hear Nebraska: Vol. 3 (limited-edition compilation vinyl)


Shipping begins April 20.

Our third compilation album on mixed color (purple-pink-black) vinyl features 10 outstanding songs from Nebraska’s finest contemporary bands.

• Each copy comes with a digital download.

• The album was mastered by renowned Omaha engineer Doug Van Sloun (Focus Mastering). Doug donated his work to the project.

• Limited to a 500-copy run (We're almost sold out of Vol. 2.), the album is an excellently produced Nebraska cultural history document.

• Omaha illustrator Jake Fyfe created the album art.

• The liner notes feature original essays about each band, written by HN's Chance Solem-Pfeifer, Jacob Zlomke and Tim McMahan. HN co-founder Andrew Norman wrote the album welcome note.

Track listing:
1. "Ghosts" by John Klemmensen and the Party
2. "Let It Out" by Josh Hoyer and the Shadowboxers
3. "The Farmer's Hill" by The Bottle Tops
4. "Meaning Wrong" by Jake Bellows
5. "Journals" by Outlaw con Bandana
6. "D34TH" by M34n STR33T
7. "Airwaves" by BOTH (featuring Rothsteen)
8. "Full on Halfwit" by Halfwit
9. "Junk City" by Ladyfinger (ne)
10. "Tall Tales, Telltales" by Cursive

released 18 April 2015

[Hear Nebraska is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.]